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It is laughable really. What could Cassius Stuart, the former and now present Leader of the Bahamas Democratic Movement (BDM) now defunct and now back again, have in his mind.  Mr. Stuart ran for the Free National Movement in the last election.  He collapsed his party and he and his colleagues went the way of the wind. Mr. Stuart, who is the son in law of the former Minister of the PLP Alfred Gray, then came looking to the PLP for a nomination and seemed satisfied that even if he didn’t get it that he would be taken care of in a new dispensation, presumably with the PLP at the helm. But when election time comes around, there must a crazy dust in the air.   Mr. Stuart is at it again. He revived his defunct party, elected a whole new slate of officers and claims that he is going to run that full slate to become the government of The Bahamas in the next election.  There ought to be a special place in Sandilands for some people.