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This month is being celebrated in The Bahamas as youth month. There was the annual youth parade led by the Minister of Youth Lanisha Rolle on 7 October and she was joined at the front of the parade by the FNM’s MP for Bain and Grants Town Travis Robinson.  The parade was shambolic. It was disorganized and was not a good example for the children of The Bahamas.  The irony of the parade was that it was named in honour of Elma Garraway, who is the retired Permanent Secretary, and an icon in the Girl’s Guide Movement in The Bahamas.  She was there waving at the front of the parade, just behind the Minister but behind her was a mess.  The children all jumbled up together and walking in disorder. Mrs. Garraway certainly has higher standards than that.  There was also an incident of violence reportedly as the parade wound its way through Meadow Street in Bain Town.  Some say there were gunshots were fired.  Others say that there was a knife wound.  A public official responsible for the march denied it all and boasted that the parade was well organized.  Not from our point of view.  When the parade was observed by the Mortimer’s Candy Kitchen, there was a ball of confusion that was evident everywhere.  Parents ought to think twice before allowing their kids to go on such a parade again.