Chipman On Fake News

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Reece Chipman, the MP for Centreville, recently fired as Chairman of the Antiquities Corporation, decided he is not going to sue the Prime Minister after all. He said that he would let by-gones be by-gones. So that makes him smarter than Greg Moss and Andrew Rollins, the two MPs who left the PLP, because they were too smart for their own good. Mr. Chipman has decided that he will get into other mischief instead.  He announced in the House of Assembly that he will move for a Select Committee of the House to look into “fake news” on social media.  This seems to be a fixation of Mr. Chipman who was the victim of a hoax when a blue move showed up with a man who looked like him being the recipient partner in a male in a male sex video.  He answered that issue in the press saying it wasn’t him and now he is going further we guess he is going to find out who put the movie out on him.  We add this what about “fake news: in the Nassau Guardian, Tribune and ZNS.  Just don’t stop at the social media.  The mainstream press tells more lies that social media ever does.