Chippie Gets The Boot… Two New Candidates To Emerge

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Jeffery Lloyd FNM Candidate?

Dionysio D’Aguilar FNM Candidate?

The Opposition’s Spokesman on Foreign Affairs and Immigration Hubert Chipman, discount viagra after one term as the MP for St Anne’s has been given the boot by the Leader of the Opposition Hubert Minnis MP and Leader of the Free National Movement.  He is to be replaced by Jeff Lloyd, the talk show host, who up to now had struck the country as a legitimate neutral figure in the rowdy talk show business.  Turns out he was hiding his torch under a bushel and is now an open FNM.  He claimedinthe newspapers thathe had been aggressively pursued by all parties but most aggressively by the FNM.  The other man who is to get a nomination after a bit of dilly dallying is Dionysio D’Aguilar who is taking time out from washing clothes to become a politician.  Now he really will have plenty to talk about.  His nomination is opposed by the Montagu ConstituencyAssociation but let’s not let that small thing interfere with the wishes of the Leader.  Out Lightbourn, in D’Aguilar.   Sarkis Ismerlian gets his man. After weeks of playing coy about whether or not Mr. Chipman (pictured with his wife at the United Nations with Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell) would get the nomination, Mr. Chipman himself threw in the towel saying in effect he had enough.  The issue was he was one of the infamous gang of six MPs who led by Loretta Butler Turner opposed the Leadership of Dr. Hubert Minnis.  He in turn slashed all of them but Mrs Butler Turner from the line up for the next election.  Theyare all gone: Messrs Andre Rollins, Richard Lightbourn, Neko Grant, Theo Neilly and now Mr. Chipman.  This is the biggest use of the knife by a politician since Lynden Pindling’s night of the long knives in 1977.  Mr. Chipman wrote a long andheartfelt letter in which he listed all his accomplishments within his term.  Alas, it means nothing in the game where leaders decide.  He opposed the leader and so he is out.  That’s the way it goes.