Christie Meets Rev. Ranfurly Brown

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viagra sale advice times;”>They expected high drama when the two met at St Agnes Patronal Festival last Sunday 24th January.  After all the last time the two met in public at St. Agnes was at the funeral of the late Bismark Coakley.  The then Archdeacon Brown told the Prime Minister that he the PM spoke too long at the funeral and he the Archdeacon had to leave to go to another funeral because of it.  The press said the Bishop asked him to apologise.  He refused.  The Bishop had him removed from his inner circle and he is no longer an Archdeacon.  So with the Prime Minister showing up to the church the rumours were flying fast and furious about a showdown.  No show down.  The two met at the gate and the Prime Minister was accompanied to his seat by the Rev brown and the service went on uninterrupted.  Photo by Peter Ramsay