Clash Between Turnquest and Cash

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Tribune photo of Peter Turnquest


4 August on Guardian Radio (As reported in The Tribune)

“We heard it in the advertisements,” Mr Cash said, “we heard it in the platform speeches, we heard it from Dr Minnis’ surrogates. This idea that the white people supporting Loretta [Butler-Turner] is something that is so grotesquely a violation of the core principle of the FNM that I think it is going to do damage to Dr Minnis and his reputation and potentially even the FNM.”

He continued: “This not so subtle campaign against the haves and the have nots was clearly racially charged and directed at dividing FNMs against the white Bahamians who were perceived as supporting Loretta Butler-Turner.”

I think that the course that he is on at the moment,” Mr Turnquest said, “and the course that this campaign leading up to this convention has been on, is a very, very dangerous thing because they have been race baiting all along it is very very irresponsible of someone of his stature.

“Never. Never has the FNM or its leaders said or done anything to encourage or to support anybody’s view that there are two separate classes of people in this country. I challenge him to prove it he cannot say at any time that Dr Minnis or the FNM has had anything to say about race.”

Mr Cash referred to The Nassau Guardian’s National Review editorial, which he said highlighted the various times that the issue of race had been “injected” into the campaign.

However, Mr Turnquest interjected: “You must be careful now, you must be careful, you must make sure that you attribute any comments with respect to race to where you have tried to attribute it.”