Clearing The Road For Peter Turnquest

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It was Thursday 3 August and the night in Freeport, Grand Bahama was young.  It was almost a full moon. The police decided that they would block the roads and directed that all people riding on the road should stick on the right side of the Port Lucaya road.  There was no apparent reason for the rudeness of the police in giving directions, but in a police state, one supposes that this is how they behave.  So what was all the kerfuffle about?  Peter Turnquest who just a few months ago was hiking a ride around town and having to search for his own parking space, was in the Port Lucaya Market place.  The roads were cleared for him, the new God.  The rudeness of the police officer was on his behalf. This is the shamefulness of their (the FNM’s) miserable performance in Grand Bahama. They do nothing for the people but show off and preen it’s the people’s time while the unemployment and economic degradation continues.  What a monumental joke the FNM is.