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The Free National Movement as a party is filled with elitists, classists and yes even racists. Their legacy is that of “we are to the manor born” and we are not grass roots or like the PLP filled with ignorant Black people.  Their cry is they bring class, dignity and honesty back to government. The facts show otherwise but that is the legend.

So Michael Pintard the scrapper from Yellow Elder, whose mama was the Chaplain for years in the FNM, has decided that he wants to run for office as Leader of the FNM.  You can then imagine given the background of what we have just said in the first paragraph what the response has been.  It is quite simply: where the hell does he think he is going?

That was their visceral reaction to Dr, Minnis as well but when it became clear that he was going to win anyway, they made peace with him.  He rewarded them with plenty of cabinet seats and appointments, even though they supported Loretta Butler Turner.

Okay now we have the scrapper trying to lead them.  So if you look at the pictures of those who were at the launch of  Kwasi Thompson, you will see exactly what we are talking about.  You have Lady Naomi Wallace Whitefield,  Carl Bethel, Michael Foulkes and Maurice Moore, all lined up behind and in support of Kwasi Thompson, former Minister of State for Finance.

Mr. Thompson tried to clear the air by saying that he is no one’s puppet, that he is his own man.  The fact that he has to say that, belies the truth of the assertion.  Everyone believes that Kwasi Thompson is a total creature of  Dr. Hubert Minnis.  The Ingraham faction in the party is backing Michael Pintard the scrapper from Yellow Elder.

But never mind the elite crew of the FNM: the Turnquests, the Foulkes, the Bethels, the Moores, elites though they are, they are so craven, they only actually believe in one thing and that is power.  Once it becomes clear that Michael Pintard will end up with the power, they will be wagging their tails behind him.