Communication by Fred Mitchell MP

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21 October 2015

I wish to announce that Diplomatic Week began on Sunday past 18 October.

All of our heads of mission are in Nassau for the annual convocation.

Countries with resident and nonresident diplomats are also here for the week.

I am inviting all members of the House to come to this evening’s opening reception this evening at 7 p. m. at the National Art Gallery.

This gathering for the week is designed to let both our domestic and international audiences know what our position is in the international community.

I hope that you are able to make it.

I wish also to comment on a number of stories that have appeared in the press from the Grand Bahama Human Rights Association’s spokesman. I urge the public to treat this information with caution and to discount half of what you read as being lacking in credibility and take the other half with a grain of salt. The source is well known for gross exaggerations.

I intend to speak to the Jamaican Foreign Minister shortly with regard to the allegations made in the press by one of his citizens about treatment in Nassau’s jail and detention facilities. Those allegations it seems were also made in the courts.

I shall keep the public informed of the facts as we find them to be.

The one thing that I would like to say as a general point is that notwithstanding any lapses or errors that may be made or may have been made in our systems, the Government of The Bahamas does not condone discrimination, inhumane treatment, assaults on detainees or abuse of any kind. There are systems in place as we have seen to deal with matters which require redress. They may need some tweaking to be more efficient but they exist.

As we have seen in the most recently publicized case, the system works.

I would also urge legal counsel who run into these issues which I think are largely lapses of an administrative nature, that they can freely call my office directly if there is as specific case that needs to be addressed.

I will be speaking with the prison officials to see if any complaint was ever made of the kind of abuse that has been reported in the Jamaican press during the incarceration of the individual who is now complaining. We must try to get at the facts.

Lastly, I remind people that the source of these public actions in the courts once urged citizens of this country to sue the government en masse in order to bankrupt the government. This seems to me to speak volumes about the true nature of the individual actor with whom we are dealing and to his credit or lack thereof.

I again thank the people of the Bahamas for their support of the policies in immigration.

Thank you Mr. Speaker.