Congratulations To Former COBUS President Keyron Smith

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The University of The Bahamas announced the following:

Appointment of Campus Sustainability Coordinator: 

University of The Bahamas (UB) announces the appointment of Mr. Keyron Smith as Campus Sustainability Coordinator in the Office of the President, an instrumental move as the University System transitions into a sustainability paradigm.

For The Bahamas, a small island developing state, reducing the country’s carbon footprint is key, particularly as the world has adopted the Sustainable Development Agenda. A robust culture of sustainability within the University System will encompass, among other priorities, defining sustainability goals, using performance metrics to assess the effectiveness of strategies and identifying potential grants in support of comprehensive campus sustainability efforts.

As the Campus Sustainability Coordinator, Mr. Smith will collaborate with administration, faculty, staff, and students to develop, coordinate, and promote effective sustainability initiatives to reduce the University’s adverse impact on the environment. He will help to educate the University community about protecting the planet from degradation, sustainable consumption and production and managing natural resources; coordinate campus programming and activities; and conduct associated research.

Mr. Smith has championed the voice and interests of UB students while serving as COBUS Senate Speaker, President of the Student Government Association and member of the College Council and Transitional Board of Trustees. As a youth leader, he also contributed his perspectives at the national and international level, serving as a member of the National Development Plan Steering Committee and chairing the Youth Conference of the 19th Commonwealth Conference of Education Ministers.

He is a 2017 graduate of UB, having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry with credit, and is trained in project management.

He is also the recipient of the Prime Minister’s Cup (2015) for youth leadership, the National Youth Leadership Award (2015) and a host of other academic and leadership honours.