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best viagra buy cialis times;”>According to a news site on Facebook, buy viagra cialis sale the portrait above was painted by Everett Mackey and is on exhibit at the Central  Bank now.  The portrait is a serious comment.  It compare the leader of the country to the Nazi leader and is inflammatory if taken seriously.  The interesting thing is that here you have this clearly objectionable piece of art, poisonous.  It allegedly comes from a young Bahamian, and there is no public push back from the young PLPs.  Fascinating.  In fact there is no pushback from anyone, just an idle debate about freedom of expression.    When we warned that Fred Smith and his nutty compadres at the Grand Bahama Human Rights Association would spread this nonsense about Auschwitz in The Bahamas, you thought we were exaggerating.  Now you see a young Bahamian filled with this vile invective in art work.