Contributions To The Midyear Budget Debate

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The Mid-Year budget debate was really about everything other than the budget.  The whole discussion was high jacked by Opposition Leader Hubert Minnis who decided to accuse the PLP of being corrupt based on information in two untested affidavits by two criminals by the names Toogie and Bobo who accused the PLP of being complicit in arranging for Louis Bacon, a rich Lyford Cay resident to be killed.  It was downhill from there with charge and countercharge.  In the end, it was the FNM who got the worse end of the stick and their Chair Michael Pintard resigned in disgrace.  Their Leader Hubert Minnis never looked so hapless and the party seemed to being utter disarray.  Nevertheless, there were some budget presentations and we publish them below: DPM Philip Davis,  Minister of Health Perry Gomez,  Minister of Labour Fred Mitchell and Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell. Please click on the links.