COP Gives Account

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cialis canada pills times;”>

viagra canada view times;”>The Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade gave this account of the incident involving the arrest of Randy Rolle, generic Consul General to Atlanta for The Bahamas in Bimini on God Friday last.  It was published in The Tribune on 10th April:

“It was a situation where there was a major event happening in Bimini, a homecoming of sorts (and) the streets were congested. Police officers determined that they should set up a diversion to get the traffic to move around the area so as not to have complications.comissoner

“The police had reason to speak with Consul General Randy Rolle who was on a golf cart and, of course, pointed him to the area where he should divert. That conversation did not go extremely well. It was quite verbal, some verbal jostling between the initial officers and the consul general, and subsequently a sergeant was called in who again made an intervention and had reason to arrest the consul general for disorderly behaviour.”

“The answer to the question of whether the commissioner ordered the release of Consul General Randy Rolle in respect of the recent police matter in Bimini is erroneous.

“It never happened and I am very bothered by the fact that anyone would put that out as a factual statement because it did not happen. There is no information to my attention that any politician, including the prime minister or any politician on any side made any intervention in that matter.”