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From The Tribune: this idiot Lincoln Bain protesting over a bill that doesn’t exist.

The Bahamas is at an interesting point.  They are “mourning” the Queen who died last week. That’s mainly the old people and those who have sentimentality about the monarchy.  They are probably in the majority when you add them to those who just don’t care one way or the other.  Certainly the formal state has all the trappings of mourning: the flags at half-staff, the black bands around their arms, the proclamation of a public holiday when the Queen’s funeral takes place on Monday 19 September 2022. 

But while all the official mourning was going on last Wednesday 14 September 2022 in the House of Assembly, the barbarians were at the gate.  Lincoln Bain, Maria Daxon and Omar Archer, all FNM miscreants, although the former two disguise themselves as something called the Coalition of Independents (COI) , were in the public square, having breached the police barriers and were shouting obscenities as the mourning was taking place above.

That shows you where The Bahamas is.  It was at one level a mark of disrespect. At another level it was simply an exercise in democracy.

We can say no more than that about the event itself but what we want to say is that it is interesting how one year after the general election, when the PLP supposedly is a popular government, so the polls say, this band of misfits are able to gather a hundred people to shout obscenities at the government while that government is expressing the height of its formal powers by saying farewell to the Queen.

It was actually shocking that the people who came out into the square behind these miscreants and flimflam people  could be so misled that they are out there. It is even worse when one  considers that these are the barbarians, who if they are not stopped, can rule our country one day. 

Lincoln Bain  got his fame taking naked pictures of people in the middle of their business on the beach at night.  He morphed that into going to law school, then to trying to get a TV station, then to being a politician by running for office , then  attacking the FNM then attacking the PLP, then failing law school, then trying to become  a preacher, then promises people 100k each to vote for him, then trying to steal government land and promising crown land to his followers, then threatening to kill Haitians with his gun.  This is a sign of mental illness, not a sign of good governance. Mr. Archer is a convicted a criminal out on bail and Maria Daxon, bless her heart, is clueless.

Yet there they were hundreds out in the square shouting obscenities while we supposedly mourned the queen

“Nuff said.

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