Crissy Love and Omar Archer Are Summoned To Court

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Two of the most odious and ignorant people in our country are the talk show host Crissy Love and another jackass who has currency from the net called Omar Archer.  They come off as if they should both be in an insane asylum.  Yet they have received cover for their foul and crude attacks of lies and deceit on behalf of the FNM because they are FNM. It appears that time may have caught up with them last week, when a Judge of the Court Cheryl Thompson ordered them to appear for Contempt before the courts.  They had attacked the Judge and accused her of political bias.  At first they refused to appear but when formally summoned,   Mr. Archer showed up on Thursday 14 September and apologised to the court.  That means he pleaded guilty.  He is to be sentenced on Wednesday 20 September.  Then there was Crissy Love who told her internet show listeners one thing, defiance of the court’s order, but then ran off to Miami having her lawyer Murio Ducille say that she couldn’t come because she had to take her child to boarding school.  A warrant of arrest was issued for her, stayed if she comes to court on 20 September.  PLPs were salivating at the mouth because they felt that there is comeuppance due here. The two defendants had their lawyers file constitutional motions saying that the exercise of the contempt jurisdiction by the Judge was irregular and that it was unconstitutional. Yeah right!