Cutting Off Beach Access In Lucaya To The Public

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The pictures from Freeport show that now that the Government has bought the Grand Lucayan property, they have decided to cut off public access to the beach by way of the easement adjacent to the property.  No spokesman for the Government was available to say why. The back-channel chat is that the decision was taken because there were liabilities to the owners if someone got hurt on the beach.  That is silly because the beach is for public use and any fear of that can be dispensed by simply putting up a sign saying that people swim at their own risk.  The beach is used by the visitors who come to the island by cruise boat. The visitors take an excursion there and spend the day.  They then wander over to Port Lucaya and shop in the market.  Now that this is cut off, that is another death knell for vendors in Port Lucaya.  This FNM government is very short sighted and blind in fact.