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 There’s an American saying that goes something like this: never mess with mom and apple pie.  And that surely must be  the thought of Ivan Johnson, viagra buy there the editor of The Punch, viagra sales the purveyor of lies and distortions on a weekly basis that is so  eagerly sopped up by Bahamian readers.  The marketing effect of The Punch has been so complete that The Tribune has  been moving its paper in that direction in order to compete for readers, viagra viz. a naked man in their advertising which    when the protests came, they defended as an act of free speech instead of the naked commercialism that it was.  The  Tribune likes Cynthia ‘Mother’ Pratt.  And they came to the defence with a story on the front page of The Tribune on  Monday 3rd June.  Mrs

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. Pratt, decease who is the Deputy Prime Minister of The Bahamas, was angry that The Punch told lies on    her in one of its editions.  The newspaper claimed that the police had to control an angry mob of persons waiting to see  her looking for jobs.  She denied that it happened.  One wonders why even bother to refute nonsense.  It is amazing that  the public continues to read it and when people respond to it, credence is given to the lies that it tells.  It should be clear from the last election that in the end it does not affect the choices of voters.

But ‘Mother’ Pratt is a special person herself.  She announced during the week that she believes that God speaks to her and when God speaks to her she will advise the Bahamian people.  She is a devout Christian.   She is amongst the more popular Members of the House and the Cabinet.  The only word of caution is of course that The Bahamas is not a theocracy, and the President of Trinidad where there is a strong Hindu population got into trouble when as he made his decision to appoint a Prime Minister when he said that he was guided by God and his Christian principles.  No one would dare raise the issue publicly in The Bahamas.  There is just a lot of grumbling behind the scenes.  The same grumbling that came when she was appointed the Minister of National Security but which is easily defensible now that she has solidly taken command of the forces below her, the fact that it was the portfolio of the previous Deputy Prime Minister and that the Defence Force and the Police Force are self sustaining and running agencies. 

Yes indeed: Don’t mess with Mother and apple pie.  And in our case: Don’t mess with Mother Pratt.  The Nassau Guardian showed a photo of Mrs. Pratt in another one of her high profile visits to facilities of the police published on Tuesday 4th June.