D’ Aguilar: The Ventriloquist and The Dummy

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Dionysio D’Aguilar, the washer man, who has ventured into politics and is about to get a drubbing by the Black people who he so despises in Freetown but who he doesn’t mind coming to wash their clothes in his laundromats, was in the paper last week with his motor mouth going a mile a minute.  He said that professional politicians who he defined as those who have been around for more than two terms should go get a real job and leave politics.  No kidding.  Real job.  Why would you want to run for something that is not a real job?   When someone has a motor mouth, they don’t think before they act.  Their mouth starts to yap before their brain kicks in gear.   Then he said that the hearing for the gambling licence of the new casino operators at Bahmar was a sham.  The law requires a public hearing.  The hearing took place last week.  The place was packed at the British Colonial Hilton.  Not one word of objection.  People were looking around for the motor mouth and his ventriloquist Sarkis Ismerlian to see if they would have any objection.  They neither objected in writing nor at the hearing, then had the nerve to say after the fact when the licence was announced that the hearing was a sham. This man is an ace bullshitter.