Davis Says The FNM Is To Blame For The Speaker’s Nastiness

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PLP Leader Philip Davis spoke at the wrap-up rally of the PLP on 15 February to help put in perspective what happened over the past week with the behaviour of the Speaker of the House of Assembly Halson Moultrie and the FNM.  Mr. Davis said that while Mr. Moultrie had apologised for the nasty things he had said, the FNM had much to account for by their support of what he said.  Mr. Davis said: “The Minnis Government proved to the country that they are not prepared to uphold what is right, what is decent, what is just and fair for our people! Just look at what happened. Speaker after Speaker on the side opposite were unable to refute any of the charges placed at the feet of the Speaker.

And what was worse was the fact that all of the Ministers like Brent Symonette, Dinosio D’Aguilar, and his friend of many years – Jeffery Lloyd all sat in silence after the charges were read.

….Unable and powerless to defend the claims brought against the Speaker.”

You may click here for the full statement of Mr. Davis