Demetrius Pinder Cries Foul

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You know the drill: they cheat.  That is the sound of the Bahamian nation and its Junkanoo groups each year after the Junkanoo results are announced.  It doesn’t matter what happens, cialis usa someone robbed us, and someone cheated us.  So no surprise then when last Sunday 22 August, in the thrall of the magnificent performance by  Chris Brown in the men’s 400 metre relay that Demetrius Pinder, the gold medallist from the Olympics in Britain  was crying foul because he was left off  the relay team in Rio.  Forgotten was the fact that he false started in the heat.  Forgotten was the fact that it’s a team effort.  Forgotten was the fact that the coaches have the right to choose who is going to run and who is not going to run.  Those are the rules and that’s that.   But no Mr. Pinder, the man who carelessly left his gold medal on the front console of his car and promptly had the gold medal stolen in 2012 in Florida went on a rant and threatened to close down his Facebook page and said he was not talking to anyone and sulking.  It so alarmed was his family that they thought he was going to kill himself according to The Tribune, when they couldn’t find him.  Jesus what a cry baby.  The mother made it worse in the story in The Tribune when she said that the family was so pissed off that they are going to see a lawyer and sue the coaches if they can.  How silly and on what basis.   Here is what she said: ““I have already spoken to a lawyer and they will get what coming to them if they don’t give us a satisfied report as to why Demetrius did not run on that team. My son is an Olympic gold medallist who went to Rio in hopes of defending his title and they put in a junior athlete over Demetrius,” Woman go sit down and stop making a fool of yourself.  So here we go again: they rob us; they cheated us.  Yada! Yada! Yada!  But thems the breaks so get over it brother and mother.