Desmond Bannister Missing In Action

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Desmond Bannister was supposed to be the Minister of Works.  He didn’t show up to be sworn in with the rest of the crew so the question was where the hell was he?  All during the campaign, they were suggesting that since he was looking like death warmed over that he would not be able to sustain the campaign.  But given the wave, any dog with FNM on the label would have done.  After he didn’t show up at the swearing in, the rumours were fast and furious in a rumour driven town.  They said he was in hospital and at death’s door and the PLP should prepare for a bye-election.  No such luck said the Cabinet office.  He had a medical procedure previously scheduled which he could not avoid and asked the Prime Minister for leave which was granted. There you have it.  Of course you contrast the wild fury that was running through the press when Dr. Bernard Nottage took ill on the stage from dehydration, the press seemed to go into overdrive.  But hey he is PLP and there are different rules about how you get treated if you are PLP.