Diane Phillips Says Not Me

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cialis usa site times;”>Description: http://www.savethebays.bs/wp-content/uploads/Diane.jpgDiane Phillips is a PR and advertising consultant.  She is no Bahamian. She is one of the people listed on the e mails of the Save The Bays Organization.  She stands accused of being complicit in an elaborate scheme to destabilize the government through Save The Bays and funded by Fred Smith and ultimately by one of the trust accounts of billionaire Louis Bacon.  Ms. Phillips was interviewed on NB 12 TV news.  She told the news station that he she has many friends in The Bahamas in all political parties.  She said he is an advertising executive.  She is not involved in any conspiracy to stabilize the government.  She told the Nassau Guardian she was innocent and wanted to know how the Minister got to see her private mails. Things that make you go: hmmmm.