Dion Smith Vindicated?

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Shortly after the general election Dion Smith, the former Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly, was held in custody over night by the police, under arrest.  The reason they said was they were looking for two computer speakers, a TV set and a computer hard drive.  It was alleged that he moved these from the corporation where he was the Chairman on the night of the General Election.  When the police effected the arrest, Mr. Smith was still chair of the Bahamas Agricultural Industrial Corporation, where it is alleged he removed these articles. The police descended on BAIC in fatigues, guns drawn and arrested in their ski masks 9 people, low level staff members of the Corporation.  They were detained overnight and then released without charge.  Mr. Smith’ surrendered to the police upon his return to The Bahamas.  He was then promptly arrested, kept overnight and the police refused to deal with his file because they claimed they had to go to a funeral.  That is The Bahamas under Hubert Minnis, a police state and now with at least one political prisoner Ken Dorsett now in Hubert Minnis’ Bahamas.  Mr. Smith was released without charge.  We heard nothing for weeks. Then there was a story floated by the police that the matter was referred to the new police anti-corruption unit as part of its anti-corruption probe.  That was just fluff.  On Friday 14 July, the newspapers ran a story saying that the police had found nothing.  Dion Smith should sue their asses. His lawyer Wayne Munroe Q C says he awaits instructions.