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Terrance Bastian, Auditor General  

Yet again there is this starling headline in the press from the pen of the Auditor General, an accountant who has a constitutionally protected post, who is able to  walk in at any place and time and look at the state of the Government’s accounts, then provide a report to the Speaker of the House and onto the Public Accounts Committee.  The Auditor General Terrance Bastian is a favourite of the press, because he is able to provide startling headlines.  Last week, was a real doozy.  He claimed that 47 million dollars was missing from the Road Traffic Department.  We are with Bradley Roberts, the PLP Chairman, on this one.  Prove it.  The whole idea seems utterly ridiculous.  We were reminded of the startling story after the PLP lost office 2007 when the Auditor General claimed that 250,000 dollars was missing from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in connection with the purchase of furniture for the office then being set up in Cuba.  Fred Mitchell, then in Opposition, pointed out that no such thing was true.  That all that happened was on the day he showed up with his team, evidence was not available to him.  The furniture was there, the money was fully accounted for. Now comes this fantastic claim about 47 million missing.  His charge is that the Government given the number of licence plates issued in the country should have received a certain amount of revenue over the given period but did not so that means that 47 million is missing.  Surely it isn’t that simple,  Anyway, we are now off another round of call the police, it was the PLP’s fault, it was the FNM’s fault.  But we think it probably isn’t what is seems and we agree with Mr. Roberts let’s get some more information before we all go running off the deep end.