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When Michael Darville, a qualified medical doctor, came to the office of the Ministry of Health, he found a vacuum.  There was no professional staff who could get him properly organized and those that were there were FNM ideologues who were simply standing in the way of progress.  One of them forgot to order the vaccines for The Bahamas and if it were not for the cooperation of our international partners, we might well be left in the lurch. So now, the Health Ministry is slowly coming together.  He has a Permanent Secretary now who knows the ropes and soon there must be a Chief Medical Officer and other staff who can supplement what he is doing.  The shame of it all is that you have Dr. Hubert Minnis, the former Prime Minister who caused this whole mess still talking as if some are interested in what he has to say.  He declared that they did not forget to order the vaccines. The problem is facts are stubborn and the record is clear.  What is also clear is that then he left office there were 16,000 infection cases on record and 500 deaths and counting. That is not a  good record by any stretch of the imagination. Now that he is not running any more, perhaps he will shut up.