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It is a point of amusement in PLP circles that Dr. Duane Sands, the hapless Minister of Health, is still running on about how Bahamians shouldn’t be eating corned beef.  The PLP got him off course as he was trying to explain that he intended to use the price control mechanism, to get people to stop eating corned beef.  What a stupid suggestion?  His colleagues must have told him about it.  Ever since he has been on the radio and TV talking about corned beef.  His colleague the Deputy Prime Minister tried to help him out when he was opening the Agricultural Fair on Thursday 19 April.  Peter Turnquest said: “We are not attacking corned beef, we are attacking unhealthy eating.”  Matters make no difference.   The PLP has moved on to other things. The fact is we agree that corned beef is not the best for you but the point is don’t be stupid in how you go about trying to change people’s eating habits.