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The week was pretty exciting with Bradley Roberts, the Chairman of the PLP, pointing out the report that Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands was moonlighting in the public hospital, doing operations on the side.  He asked the Prime Minister and the Minister to explain the conflict given that the code of conduct for ministers does not permit a minister to continue working in his chosen or other profession while sitting as a minister of the government.  The Prime Minister and the Minister were like most FNMs righteously indignant that low life PLPs would dare to ask such questions.  After all said the Prime Minister’s release, the Minister was allowed by me to do the work on the grounds of necessity.  They pleaded that Dr Sands has the unique ability to do what he does. Then the Prime Minister’s press release proceeded to lecture the PLP about volunteerism because he said Dr Sands was doing it for free and he congratulated the minister for so generously volunteering.  Many PLPs tried to shush the Chair of the PLP, their own party, saying that the PLP was on a losing wicket on this one because Bahamians like things for free.  Except someone was able to find a quite where Dr. Sands himself had said nothing is for free.  The rules on conflict of interest cannot be so easily dispensed or dismissed.  All you have to do is have one accident take place and then here will be a problem.  The Minister should not put himself in that position, nor should the Government.  In addition, there are plenty of others who could plead that they are so smart and so needed that they should be allowed to work in their profession.  We should think that smart man behind the dark shades Marvin Dames would be amongst the first since he would like to be the Minister of National Security and the Commissioner of Police.  So the situation with Dr. Duane Sands bears watching.  There is a conflict.  The Prime Minister has waived the conflict but we don’t think that’s the end of the story.