Earl Thompson Dies

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Death is the great leveler and Earl Thompson who was buried followed a state recognized funeral service has gone into the great beyond.  This pious looking picture of the Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest hides a lot of history.  Of course one thing it hides is the wicked deeds of Mr. Turnquest himself as he strips thousands of Bahamians of their dignity as the Finance Minister of The Bahamas.  Then of course there is the campaign about corruption which the FNM constantly hurls at the PLP.  But in that coffin, goes with it a history of a charge for just that when as Chairman of the National Insurance Board the NIB Building, now the Parliamentary Commissioner’s office was sold contrary to law. Those who make these charges against the PLP will find out how the PLP dealt with it way back in 1976 and why Mr. Thompson did not go to his grave as a PLP.  But as they say only the PLP is corrupt, so we must go gently into that good night and let sleeping dogs lie.  But just in case you want to know the facts go back and read the records.