Eileen Carron Savages Hubert Minnis

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cialis canada salve times;”>Some people are just gratuitously stupid and for no reason except they are mired in prejudice, health anger and hate.  Eileen Carron, the publisher of the Tribune, falls now into that category.  She is FNM.  She is anti-Black.  But at some point the blind hatred of those from the other side should not be to your peril.  That is the only comment one can make to the gratuitously stupid comment made about Hubert Minnis, the Leader of the Opposition in her editorial of 26th November.  The question is: of what strategic value is the comment?  There is not a hope in hell of Loretta Butler Turner FNM MP for Long Island wining the Leadership of the FNM.  Dr. Minnis is now accepted as the Leader of the party.  Despite the fact that Richard Lightbourn, the MP for Montagu, says he has not yet drunk the Kool aid.   The FNM needs to consolidate and there is no point in endless arguments about fitness to lead.  The fact is he is leading.  We repeat what she said below. Go figure

26th November

Tribune Editorial

We apologise for being so blunt, but these are serious times, and serious times call for serious decisions – no dancing around the mulberry bush with meaningless platitudes. Dr. Hubert Minnis, current FNM leader, has his loyal followers, who give him credit for working hard to project himself as leadership material. We also give him A for effort, and agree with those who say that he is a good administrator, but as for the qualities that would win an election the answer is – NO. He has even failed to inspire his party to unite behind him. No general goes anywhere with his battle lines fractured…..

The Bahamas certainly needs a change of emphasis — maybe a Bahamian woman is the one to do the job.

Bahamians, open your minds and consider the possibility.