Ezra Hepburn Is Buried At St Agnes | Glenys Hanna Martin Says Thank You

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We said farewell to Ezra Hepburn of the band Ezra and the Polka Dots who used to be the king of the Banana Boat night club of the 1960s and 1970s. His service took place at the St Agnes Church in Nassau on 30 June.  Here is what MP Glenys Hanna Martin had to say on her Facebook Page on 39 June: “Ezra Hepburn is being laid to rest today. As a teenager and into adulthood Ezra (and the Polka Dots) was solidly positioned in my entertainment realm and brought musical happiness to my life. He was always a class act with a sense of -style. He had panache, dressed with elegance; he had an engaging stage presence with guitar in hand. And what a voice! Ezra had an uncompromising commitment to his craft through thick and thin because sometimes it can be very difficult for professional musicians. But he nevertheless remained faithful and in doing so he inspired a new generation of musicians. Cat Island and The Bahamas in general has lost a fine son. Thank you Ezra.”