Ezra Thompson Is Buried

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Stalwart Councillor Ezra Thompson was buried on Saturday 25 March following a service at Christ Church Cathedral. Prime Minister Perry Christie, a long-time friend, spoke at the service. Fred Mitchell MP, another long-time friend, who was off the island, wrote the following tribute for the funeral booklet:

I regret very much that I am unable to be there for Bond’s funeral.  I appreciated him very much.  He supported me in all my political endeavours.  He was there at the very beginning with men like Kendal Demeritte, Ken Samuels, and Brenville Hanna.  We were quite a group in those days in the Centreville Branch of the PLP.  I was able to step out of University one year and within a year I was the Chairman of the PLP Branch for the area. That was 1975.  That was my start and those men were there at the beginning.  Whenever Ezra Thompson and I met, we would talk about those times and how they were truly in one sense the good old days.  Sadly he has passed away. Time will not dim the memories of that joyful time when we were all younger and thought we could conquer the world and did.  I thank him for his friendship and support. God bless him as he goes to his rest. 

Fred Mitchell MP