Fair Warning To The FNM On The Port

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Last week, the talkative Minister of Tourism Dionysio D’Aguilar who so far has nothing to show for all his talk, was talking in the press again last week.  This time, he was defending the actions of the FNM on the development of the Prince George Dock and its environs.  He claims that there is such negative feedback about the Port of Nassau that something must be done about it.  His talk to the press though came after the present owners 18 white Bahamian families of the Arawak Port Development which runs commercial traffic in Nassau, told the public that they were in a deal with a British firm Global Port Development, billed as the largest managers of Ports in the world.  Immediately every PLP knew that the fix was in.  The FNM will deliver the Port to Brent Symonette and the other 17 families and once again, the economic benefits of the country will go to them.  This is the same man who says that he wants to break up a cartel which he calls the web shop sector.  Only difference, one sector is white. The other is black.  The white cartel is absolutely acceptable.  The black one is not.  The conflict of interest of the white Brent Symonette is fine too.   It’s the people’s time.