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Lynden Pindling Centre

27 May 2021

Senator Clay Sweeting, Michael Darville, candidate Jamahl Strachan, Senator JoBeth Coleby Davis, Candidates Chris Saunders, Leslia Brice and Lisa Rahming with MP Vaughn Miller

Senator Fred Mitchell

Leader Philip Davis MP

Senator Fred Mitchell with Rev. William Thompson

Lady Muriell Carter with sons Eddie and Mark with their families. Behind in the blue shirt is Sir Charles’ brothers Frank Carter and Harold Carter.

Former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie

Cahir Emeritus Irrington “ Minky” Isaacs, Trustee Valentine Grime with Latrae Rahming and Barbara Cartwright, Secretary General.

Deputy Leader Chester Cooper with the Leader Philip Davis and Lady Carter and family

Lady Carter with son Eddie and his wife.

Trustee Joseph Curry, Leadership Councilor Randy Rolle, Election Coordinator Kevin Simmons, Vice Chair Holly Barratt, Treasurer Paul Bevans and Men’s Branch Chair Keith Cox

MP Picewell Forbes, MP Glenys Hanna Martin, Deputy Chair Robyn Lynes, behind is Leslie Miller, Alma Adams and Mildred Murphy

Justin Smith, Progressive Young Liberals. Partially hidden candidate Keith Bell

The protocol team headed by Women’s Branch Chair Virginia Thurston

Rev. Canon Sebastian Campbell

Nehemiah Hield

The Region Bells Gospel Group