Fix Grand Bahama

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These photos were taken by Brian Seymour, a Freeport businessman at around midday at the Port Lucaya Marketplace on Friday 29 June.  Dead as a doornail.  This is in sharp contrast to the words of the Minister of State for Grand Bahama Kwasi Thompson who waxing eloquent in the Senate on Monday 25 June said that things have improved in Grand Bahama.  He gave a raft of statistics to prove it.  Except Senator Fred Mitchell pointed out to him the saying: there are lies, damn lies and statistics.  He warned the Minister not to get hornswoggled by statistics and lose sight of the people who were suffering on the ground in Grand Bahama. At the same time that this photo was being taken, former Senator Joseph Curry was doing a driving tour of the island and headed to West End.  He had the impression that things had come to a complete full stop in Grand Bahama.  He observed that the place just seemed depressed.  He described the commercial side of Freeport as a dump.  The Government has five MPs and three ministers on their side and since their victory in 2017 so far it’s all been talk and more talk.  Peter Turnquest, the Minister for Finance, has done the most talking and has now gone and imposed a 12 per cent tax on the poor people of Grand Bahama.  It’s the people’s time alright.