FNM And DNA Gets Votes By Buying

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The Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis issued a statement last week in which he praised the FNM candidates and MPs for their help in the hurricane relief effort.  This is the same Dr. Minnis who also attacked the Prime Minister for making political hay out of the hurricane.  The Prime Minister Perry Christie speaking in North Andros on a tour with the Prime Minister of Dominica said that he thought the statement by the Opposition Leader was idiotic, viagra generic particularly since the Leader of the Opposition had been involved in all the Government’s hurricane relief efforts.  But this is political season, cialis sale so no one is surprised.  Problem is one example of the relief that the FNM has been offering.  The FNM candidate in Fox Hill Shonel Ferguson was going around offering water to people and taking advantage of the fact that the power was off to bash the government for it.  Equally clueless and oblivious was the DNA Candidate Kendal Smith who came with a chain saw and started cutting down trees and then telling the people in Fox Hill that Fred Mitchell was not helping to cut down trees. That was a big fat lie.  To top off the cluelessness, he then held a big chill and grill at the Frank Edgecombe Street in Fox Hill.  So in the middle of human suffering, the DNA is having a party. And the FNM is seeking to buy votes for drinks of water.  Shame on them.