FNM Bribe Taker Escapes Jail

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Fred Ramsay, the former FNM candidate,  who was convicted of bribe taking, accepting 300,000 dollars to get a contract for a power company Alstrom from the Bahamas Electricity Corporation has escaped going to jail.  He was 79 and the Judge said that well he had suffered enough, our words not his, by the loss of his reputation.  Mr. Ramsey has been asked to step down as Deacon in the Mt Carey Baptist Church where he worships as a result of the conviction.  The Judge fined him one thousand dollars on each of the 14 counts for which he was found guilty.  That’s 14,000 dollars.  He has a month to pay or go to jail for six months.  He also has to repay the money he took to BEC or its successor or to the Government if there is no BEC or successor. He has to pay that within a year or face another six months in jail.  It is probably quite a relief for him but  the PLP must be smarting.  Some are pretty sure that if he had been a PLP, he would have been in jail.  The Judge said he had disgraced himself and the country.  Further, the thinking is that the PLP itself has not made much of the only case of corruption that has been proven in The Bahamas and it’s against the FNM.  The FNM cannot speak about corruption, they have a conviction  to prove it.