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The Free National Movement administration is at it again.  The talk around town was that they were about to fire some more people.  This time they said that Bahamasair was to lose its entire reservations department.  Well according to Tommy Turnquest, the Chairman of the airline, said that this was not true.  What was true, he said, was that the airline was moving to transfer its business to a call centre.  That the nine people in reservations would be redeployed to other places.  The talk around town is that the call centre is owned by former FNM Tourism Minister Vincent Vanderpool Wallace.  The Chairman did not say.  Meantime, eight immigration officers were laid off from the Immigration Department on Friday 6 July.  No explanation there for why.   Then the talk around town was that former NIB Executive who was dismissed under the PLP Algernon Cargill was to be hired at the Bank of The Bahamas as its new Managing Director.  The best one though was that Omar Archer, the vacuous, dumb, fool, nasty piece of dog doo do, convicted criminal who helped Hubert Minnis in the General Election to falsify vilify and defame PLP members, is to get the job as Director of Security at the Bahamas Agricultural Industrial Corporation. You figure: fire people working for 16 years from BAIC, a permanent and pensionable job no complaints expect they are PLP, and hire this mad man Omar. Hire, fire, and hire fire. That’s the FNM. The whole country is on edge.  No one knows who’s next.