FNM Is About To Dump Minnis

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generic cialis times;”>Description: http://www.thenassauguardian.com/attachments/article/40420/Hubert-Minnis.jpg 

viagra times;”>The rumour mill has been going overtime in the past two weeks from the FNM inner workings.  There was circulating on Carvel Francis’ pages Bahamaspress.com  and his What’s App column a story that the FNM had decided that former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham would come back at the convention  as leader of the Party, with Loretta Butler Turner as Deputy and Leader of the Opposition heading the Parliamentary group.  Later, there was talk that Desmond Bannister might run against Hubert Minnis, the now leader of the FNM, when the convention scheduled for 27 to 29 July takes place.   It appears that Mr. Minnis is on very shaky ground.  He does not help himself and did not help himself during the referendum campaign. He turned out to be weak, feckless and unreliable and so deserves to have his leadership taken away from him.  However, often a combination of fate and just plain we want him contrive to get you in a position of leadership. Imagine the Leader of the Opposition, going on record as being opposed to anti-discrimination legislation.  He seems clueless and doesn’t get it.  It’s not about whether you win or lose a vote but whether you are on the right side of history.   If he survives, the PLP deserves a good cut ass if they let someone so ineffectual beat them.