FNM Loses A Stalwart

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We do not care whether you are FNM or PLP in this sense: public service requires people to be a part of a political party sometimes.  Whether FNM or PLP you should join the fray.  Yvonne Isaacs did more than join the fray; she was a hard battler for decades in the cause since the founding of the FNM.  She died on Friday 7th November and the leader of the party Dr. Hubert Minnis posted this tribute to her. For joining the fray, we pay tribute to her and say: rest in peace.

On behalf of the Hon

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. Dr. Hubert A. Minnis, MP, Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and Party Leader of The Free National Movement. 

It is with deep sadness that the Free National Movement notes the passing of Meritorious Council Member, Mrs. Yvonne Isaacs. Mrs. Isaacs was a leading member and a vibrant and fearless supporter of the FNM. Under her stellar leadership, the FNM Women’s Association was founded in the living room of the home of I. G. Stubbs in January, 1974, at which time she served as the Association’s first Vice President.

Mrs. Isaacs was the first woman to be nominated for the Bahamian Democratic Party but she graciously declined the nomination. Over the years, Mrs. Isaacs continued vigorously fighting in the trenches for the FNM and made outstanding contributions to the development and growth of the party. In particular, she became a ‘role model’ for FNM women. In recognition of her outstanding commitment to Women’s rights and the cause of political freedom, Mrs. Isaacs received the highest honour in the Free National Movement, that of Meritorious Council Member. Up until the time of her death Mrs. Isaacs demonstrated her unwavering commitment and support to the FNM.

My wife Patricia, Meritorious Council Members, Party Officers, and members and supporters of the FNM join me in extending heartfelt condolences to her husband, Oswald Isaacs, her children, Todd Isaacs and daughter-in-law Lanae Isaacs; her daughter, Mrs. Juliette Briggs and son-in-law Allan Briggs, grandchildren Jurnell, Todd Jr., Tate, Taisha, and Siann, and to members of her extended family.

May her soul rest in peace