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The FNM Cabinet and its minister know the language of forked tongue very well.  First of all they spent the summer larking about while the country slipped further into recession as a result of their bad economic policies.  Then they came back to the House of Assembly you would have thought ready to work. They were not.  They adjourned two times before coming with a bill.  The bill was not their bill but the same bill that they in Opposition dubbed the Spy Bill.  Poor Fred Smith QC was braying like a Jackass.  How you could do this, he cried.  Anyway the bill is back.  The AG says we have to do it, like the AG before him in the PLP.  The changes are small but important.  Guess what the very amendment that the Privy Council asked to be done, that is, some kind of judicial restraint on wiretapping is gone again and the National Security Minister can now order spying in The Bahamas without any restraint.  We are sure Marvin Must love that.