FNM Takes Away Contracts From Suspected PLP Bus Drivers

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The following statement was issued by the  Chairman of the PLP Senator Fred Mitchell

From The Chairman of The PLP
On Notice Of Loss Of Contracts For Buses

For Immediate Release

18 October 2018

In an act of official savagery, contractors for school busing in Abaco, Eleuthera, Bimini and Grand Bahama have reported that in the middle of the school term and in the middle of multi year contracts, the contracts have been terminated.

The letters we have seen give each contractor 60 days to wind up their jobs with the government. This on the face of it seems wrong and grossly unfair. It is ironic that this is being announced by the FNM government on the same day that they have announced that they will seek parliament’s authority to line the pockets of a minister of the FNM government with public funds amounting to tens of million of dollars.

Now small business people are to be stripped of their small livelihoods. Some of these people have just engaged in substantial investments to service these contracts and now are told they are out of work.
This is widely seen by some as an act of political victimization. Others think that the Government is acting in a fit of anger because the contractors have been complaining that they were not being paid on time or at all.

Now it looks like our children will suffer.

Does the FNM administration have no shame? Does the Minister for Education really care for our children? We denounce this savage, discriminatory and unfair act. It must be reversed forthwith.