Former Senator Telator Strachan Dies

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The Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party issued the following statement upon the death of former Senator Telator Strachan. The photo is from the Facebook page of Glenys Hanna Martin from left Glenys Hanna Martin MP, former Senator Strachan, her daughter former MP Melanie Griffin and at the back Gandhi Pinder of Sapodillas.

From The Office Of The Leader of The Opposition


On The Passing Of Former Senator Telator Strachan


30 July 2018



For Immediate Release


I have learned with deep sadness of the death of our Stalwart Councillor, civic activist, friend, member and supporter of the progressive cause Telator Strachan.  A giant of a lady has passed on.  I remember her as a quiet but determined presence in  our council meetings and in planning sessions.  She always brought reason but a fierce determination to any cause which the party advanced.


In her own right, she was a leader in the Straw Market.  This was part of a significant  group of activists in the support of the progressive cause. She was one of the lat Sir Lynden  Pindling’s  armour bearers.  Whenever there was an issue in the market for decades, you could count on Telator Strachan to lead the charge and to settle the issues.  You could count her to voice the concerns and to mobilize toward solutions.  She was a good woman.


She brought her talents to the Women’s Branch of our party and was widely admired by women from across the country.


Her leadership skills were unquestioned.  She served in the Senate from 19   to 19    .  She passed her unquestioned leadership skills on to her children.  Most notably, she passed those talents on to her daughter Melanie Griffin who followed in her mother’s footsteps first as a Senator and then as a Member of Parliament.


We want to assure the family and our dear sister Melanie of our prayerful support at this trying time.  A great warrior has moved off the stage.


On behalf of my wife Anne, our entire executive team of the PLP, all members and supporters nationwide, I extend condolences to the family.  May she rest in peace.