Fox Hill Celebrates Independence

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Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell with the pastors of Fox Hill and from left Charlene Marshal, Chair of the Organizing Committee, Pastors Emily Demeritte, Sherelle Saunders, Mr Mitchell, Wesley Thompson, J. Carl Rahming and Leonardo Burrows at the 11th annual Flag Raising to mark the 43rd Anniversary of the Independence of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas 16 July on the Fox Hill parade grounds.  

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The Senior Citizens of Fox Hill at the Flag Raising ceremony to mark the 43rd independence in The Bahamas 16th July on the Fox Hill parade grounds. 

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The scouts of the Fox Hill troop raise the flag on 16th July to mark the 43rd anniversary of the independence of The Bahamas.  

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The Urban Renewal Band perform at the Flag Raising  to mark the 43rd anniversary of the Independence of The Bahamas on 16th July. 

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MC Alex Dorsett at the Flag Raising ceremony at Fox Hill on 16th July.

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Fox Hill MP  Fred Mitchell greets Miriam Roker, the  matriarch  of Fox Hill and  presents  her  with  the  first  piece  of  the 43rd Anniversary of Independence Bahamas cake 16 June at the Fox  Hill  parade.