Fred Mitchell In The Bimini Road Race

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Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell with Jerome Brown aka Beaver at the 49th Glenda’s Road Race in Bimini 4th August.

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Glenda’s Road Race, 49th version, took place in Bimini 4 August in honour of Fred Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell with Laurence Olibrun, the 12 year old, was the overall winner of the 49th Glenda’s Road Race, a 3 mile race in Bimini. 4 August. From left race starter Vincent Elis, Fred Mitchell MP.  Laurence Olibrun, Glenrick Rolle, Race organizer, and Leonard Stuart, Ministry of Tourism.

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Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell with Eve Dorsett, the female winner of the 49th annual Glenda’s Road Race 4 August in Bimini.