Fred Mitchell’s Annual Visit To Long Island

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Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell reading the Old Testament lesson St Paul’s Anglican Church Clarence Town in Long Island at 7 a m mass with Fr Alvardo Adderley 12 July. 

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Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell with Captain Alphonso “Archie ” Moree at the latter’s home in The Bight in Long Island 13th July. 

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Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell with Rev Scofield Miller, Pastor of St John’s Union Baptist Church in McKann’s in Long Island at the rudiments of the Bishop Harcourt Pinder Community Centre in Miller’s in Long Island 13 July. 

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Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell with George Frieze, Co-owner of the Stella Maris development in Long Island at Stella Maris 13th July. 

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Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell with Captain Mario Simms, Proprietor of the Blue Chip Restaurant and Bar in Simms in Long Island 13th July.