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The pupil of the Fred Smith School of Anarchy is now ensconced at the Water and Sewerage Corporation and making mischief.  He hasn’t gotten in there a year yet Adrian Gibson, the want to be minister, who Hubert Minnis has ignored, is now Chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation.  You would think that he can do no harm there.  But already the corporation is getting ready for a strike because he went in there accusing everyone from the General Manager on down of stealing.  The staff is up in arms and threatening a walkout.   Well anarchy goes where one of Fred Smith’s pupils is.  Young Gibson got a full dose of the Fred Smith stupidity when he worked in Mr. Smith’s law firm.   Cannot be surprised. It’s the people’s time.  Bought and paid for by the donations of Fred Smith QC.  Anything can happen under the FNM.