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The only woman in the FNM Cabinet turns out to be more of a twit than we thought.  Last week in the middle of a false debate over whether there will be a law to criminalize rape within marriage, the Minister for Social Services and the Minster for Gender Affairs said that rape is a private matter.  Where does Hubert Minnis get these people from?  The perennial political jack in the box Fred Smith Q C was first out of the box to condemn her as being out in space and calling for her resignation.  Of course he calls for everyone’s resignation, his actions are so stupid most of the time.  No one paid him any attention.   Patricia Glinton Mercholas who confessed that she had voted for these clowns to govern us, had to write a letter to the press (Freeport News 23 December) confessing what she thought of his choice for Social Services Minister.   Look what you can get when ya tired of what ya got.  It was interesting to hear an intelligent woman like Patricia Glinton Mercholas actually say she voted for these idiots we now have in office now.  Good for all of you.  It’s the people’s time. Suffer.