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Truth be told we do not know how the Judge in the case on the shanty towns in Abaco got to extend an injunction over people who are not before the courts.  Desmond Bannister is therefore dead mad.  He said the ruling was not worth the paper that it’s written on and called it silly. That said however, the FNM are not true members with regard to this shanty issue.  They stood there and watched as these illegals in Abaco built on Government land and did nothing until the matter reached the stage of  houses actually built.  What is worse though is that everyone knows that Fred Smith is an FNM. He paid for the election of the FNM government. They are also afraid of  Fred Smith.  The Attorney General’s office does not have the competence or the balls to fight Fred Smith.  So we know what is going to happen in the end. The Government will capitulate.  Fred Smith will walk away with millions of dollars of the Government’s money in costs.