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viagra sales cialis times;”>hatian_fredsmithFred Smith QC is bordering on political insanity or so it appears.  He made two announcements about cases involving immigration and its work in The Bahamas this past week that are replete with lies.  The first is the case of the removal of the unlawful settlement in Gamble Heights on Friday 16th October.  This was not an immigration operation.  It was an action of the Department of Environmental Health who warned the people by proper notices in November of last year and again in September of this year.  Those notices expired thirty days after they were served.  They were notices to vacate and of demolition.  There was no illegality involved by the government as  Mr. Smith alleges in his inflammatory press statement on the subject.  Then he was boasting about the release of an illegal migrant to The Bahamas  from Jamaica who was detained in The Bahamas and refused to get a ticket to repatriate himself back to his home country.  Mr. Smith claims that the Department of Immigration does not have the right to arrest someone for illegal entry or overstaying their time.  That is false.  The Immigration officer has the full powers of arrest for  suspected immigration offences.  Secondly, he claimed that the court said that the man was detained on “ trumped up” charges.  This is  just loose talk by Mr. Smith.  No Judge would say in a ruling that The Bahamas “ trumped up” charges.  That is all Mr. Smith’s commentary.  The problem is that The Bahamas government simply sits and allows this stuff to go unanswered.  Mr. Smith wants to wreck the policy of the government to contain illegal migration.  He is getting ever more desperate as he fails to make an impact.  He will not rest until he incites someone to kill a minister of the government then maybe he will get his wish made so  long  ago that blood will run in the streets of The Bahamas.