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We are back again talking about this jack in the box named Fred Smith Q.  C who needs to find another country in which to live and one which provides him with his medicine.  Last week, he was in full throttle claiming that he and his minions in the phony environmental organization called Save The Bays were going to take the government to court in order to stop the Oban Energy Deal from going through in Grand Bahama. He claimed in a long letter to the press that the deal was a betrayal by the FNM. He threatened them with working to remove them from office.  He smells his top lip.  He needs to be put in his place.  First of all it’s a game that he is playing with the FNM. He supports them 100 hundred per cent. His money paid to elect them to office so he thinks he owns them and he does.  He and they deserve each other. To show the game they play, the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis as the Acting Minister of Immigration claimed that he sent a Magistrate down to Inagua to find some 200 Haitian migrants guilty of illegally entering The Bahamas. So this appears to be following the stupid script of the same Fred Smith; the stupid idea that we need to find these migrants guilty of a crime before we can send them home. Stupid.  But get this and no surprise the next day Fred Smith was in the paper congratulating the same government that he just threatened to remove because of Oban in Grand Bahama.  He said that they did a great job following his wish to have a Magistrate go down and find the migrants guilty of illegally entering The Bahamas.  There is word that you can use to describe Fred Smith which rhymes with pass, but that would be to unkind to the animal that carries that name.